Monday, September 2, 2013

Tearing Out The Bathroom Floor

This has nothing to do with gardening or heirloom seeds.

Earlier today, R. undertook the unenviable task of tearing out the layers of ancient, shoddy, patch-and-splice flooring in our bathroom so it can be resurfaced next weekend.  He counted 5 layers in some places, 6 in others, including plywood, gaudy linoleum, plaster, cardboard (???), and tile, all stuck together with various forms of glue and what looked like tar.  The equally old plumbing leading to the sink sprung a slow, quiet leak under the cabinet a few weeks ago and by the time we discovered it, it had sunk through the various layers and soaked much of it.

Doesn't this look like fun?  Four hours of it!

The first section popped out easily...

Then we started hitting garbage.

About to remove the sink stand.

Tools of destruction: crowbar, hammer, and at times, a skil saw!

Karl on the sofa, having no trouble ignoring the noise.

Saj taking refuge in her "apartment" - in the bedroom, on top of the armoire.

Part of the lino and plywood went *under* the wall.  Fun.

Done for now.

Fan to dry out the floor.

Update Sept 11th - Ta daa!  Floor resurfaced last weekend.

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