Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Emerald Evergreen

The first green tomato (Emerald Evergreen) has ripened.  Like the Great Whites, these are big.

We have a new neighbour kitty who likes to join us when we're outside. (Sheila?  Sheba?  Sheena?)  She is the fluffiest cat I have ever seen in person.  Her fur must be three inches long.  She looks like a '70s shampoo commercial when the wind is blowing or when she's trotting full tilt to come say hello.  Thankfully, she is well groomed by her owner, who must brush her daily and who cuts out her knots.  This kitty wears a little bell on her collar, so you often hear her before you see her.  It turns out that, like neighbour kitties Karl and Butters, she is quite comfortable walking into our house uninvited and helping herself to the cat food buffet in the living room.

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