Monday, September 2, 2013

Score: Aphids 0 - Eggplants...0???

Note to self Palmolive is one of the dish soaps NOT to use in aphid spray.  Sadly, I learned this the hard way.  No more aphids, but the eggplants are on their way out along with them.  When I noticed the leaves crinkling up the next day, I did an online search and found that others had experienced the same damage after using Dawn dish soap.  I guess next year I'll stick to the clear, coconut oil based soaps available at the health food store. Or neem oil.


Our biggest butternut squash


The plant looks rough, but we have a few peppers!

Two pumpkins

This was the last one to open.  It's face never was upright.  Droopy Ol' Sunflower.

Yellow cherry tomatoes

Morning Glories

The large tomatoes are taking forever to ripen...

Tene's Beans

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