Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Frost 2013

The grass is crispy underfoot this morning and everything is covered with a sparkly layer of frost.  I brought my little containers of sage and rosemary indoors, and last night picked most of the peppers and tomatoes.  The ones that are unripe will be wrapped in newspapers for several days. The rest will be chopped or blended this afternoon and put into the freezer.

Anasazi beans

Red cabbage

Sunflowers with frosty leaves



Beurre de Rocquencourt beans drying on the stalks

Discovered a Butternut squash has split.  Not sure what causes that to happen.

Another Butternut squash with a thin layer of ice on top.

Frosty gomphrena

Scarlet Flax seed pods

Wooly Thyme

Close-up of Wooly Thyme

Little pumpkin

The marigolds are still going strong.

Drying Specked Algonquin beans

Plant room - Tene's beans strung on thread and hung to dry.

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