Friday, September 6, 2013

Butters Assists

It is a cool, dewy morning with robins hopping around everywhere.  I went out to take a picture of the Great White tomato plant near the fence.  Of the bunch, it looks the roughest, but these were among the first Great Whites to ripen.  They taste tangy and lemony.  A fun novelty, but I don't think I will grow these again.

Neighbour kitty, Butters, appeared from the shadows and decided to join me on my walkabout. 

While most of my other flowers are dying and going to seed, the gomphrena continues to grow and develop. 

Wooly thyme

Droopy Sunflower

My Anasazi beans are just now flowering in earnest.  These need at least another month of hot weather.  I planted more of these than anything else!

In the kale bed.

A new sunflower and his older, more distinguished neighbour.

To reiterate: NEVER use Palmolive soap in bug spray.  *sigh*

Ripening pumpkin

A new melon...

...more new melons!

I picked a few Black Krim tomatoes.  Did I mention Butters is extremely curious?

 Sees a bug...

Discovers the spider plant runners...

...finally, Black Krim tomatoes!

While arranging the tomatoes, I heard a sound like stirring pebbles in a bucket.  To my right, Butters was trooping with delight through the cardboard tray of dried peas and bean pods!  She resisted being picked up and moved, but I was worried she'd pee in the tray.  It sounded like kitty litter and I didn't want to risk the possibility that it felt like that to her!

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