Saturday, September 28, 2013

End of September

A mild, overcast day.  (14 degrees)   It feels and looks like Fall.

I spent most of this morning blending tomatoes to freeze and chopping up green peppers.  The peppers were very small, but we still ended up with a good amount, about 2 medium freezer bags full.  I harvested 14 more leeks, washed them, and will chop them up tomorrow.  

R took down the corn stalks and removed the pumpkins from their vines. 

My poor little eggplant, with shriveled up leaves and no hope of producing anything I can harvest, still stands in its raised bed!

Many of the flowers have seeds or seed pods ready to collect.  I`ve gathered some calendula, Giant Swiss pansy, rose mallow, and Scarlet Flax seeds to dry.  Lots to trade and still have some left to plant next year.

Winter Luxury pie pumpkins

Big "Droopy Sunflower" head

More sunflower heads drying out.

A small bucket of Tene`s beans, with more drying on cardboard beside it.

Potatoes, Butternut squash (underripe, I fear), tomato seeds, and assorted beans drying in the plant room.

What`s left of the south garden.  Neighbour cat Butters happily exploring the new piles of plants.  End of season clutter makes me edgy.  Must remember to breathe, resist the urge to tear everything out at once so it will look neat, and just allow things to be.

What`s left of the potato patch (there are still a few marigolds in there!)

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