Thursday, September 29, 2016

Squash and Cucumber 2016

June 23 – Weather since late May has been cool, overcast, and rainy for the most part, with a few hot sunny days in between.  I have had to sow the squash (and sunflower) seeds several times (and then finally start them indoors on heat mats, under lights!) because they rot in the ground rather than germinate. 

Gelber Englischer Custard Squash (summer squash)
Date direct sown:   May 25 (3 seeds)
July 26 – These, as well as the zucchini, are behind this year.  The G.E.’s are still quite small and there are no signs of flowers on them yet.
PACKET SAYS they are heavy feeders and do best with mulch/compost.
Bush variety summer squash.
Approximate date harvested: 
September 25 – only managed to harvest 1 of these this year!  This was not the year for summer squash…
Would grow again?  Yes.  Very tasty, usually quite prolific.

North Georgia Candy Roaster  (winter squash)
Date sown:   April 21 – 3 seeds in a milk jug greenhouse, kept indoors on a heat mat.  (Update – all 3 germinated, but one was weak/misshapen, so I pulled it.)
May 21 - Planted second batch of 3 seeds indoors on a heat mat.
June 10 – have four plants in two round, green beds in back yard.
July 26 – Three female flowers were pollinated and we think they have set, and this morning, I
discovered three more female flowers!  I had read that this variety was a good producer, and that seems to be the case.  I only hope that September is mild and relatively frost-free this year so that the squash have time to mature.
September 25 – got my wish for a mild September.  Harvested 4 of these squash. The largest was 12 lbs.
Would grow again? Yes!

Cucumbers“Patio Snacker” (hybrid)
Date sown:   April 21 – started in a milk jug greenhouse, initially kept indoors on a heat mat.
May 24 – transplanted into large container outside (3 transplants).  Also planted 1 transplant
from greenhouse (English cuke) into a large container outside.
Observations:    The cucumbers started early, hardened off, and planted in a container outside
ended up being zapped by frost. Ahrg!  I sowed 5 more seeds directly into containers outside in early June, and they began to germinate around June 10th.
July 26 – These have only just now started to put out flowers.  They are nearly as early as I
expected them to be.
Would grow again?  Maybe

Zucchini (heirloom, not sure which variety)
Date direct sown:   May 25 (2 seeds)
June 23 – Seeds did not germinate.  Started three more indoors on heat mat (1 was transplanted out today, the second 2 will be transplanted outside within the next week).
July 26 –  All the summer squash plants are about a month behind this summer.  This time last year, we had plenty of zucchini to eat and give away. 
Two female flowers bloomed, and no male flowers to pollinate them with!  I ended up using male flowers from the North Georgia Candy Roaster plants. [Update: that didn't work!]  Another female flower is about to open in the next day or two, and still the male flowers look underdeveloped.  These plants are from seeds I saved from last year’s zucchini, which I received in a trade and which I understand to be heirlooms (though now, I wonder about that). September 25 – We managed to harvest 4 or 5 small/medium zucchini this year.
Would grow again? Yes

White Scallop Squash 
June 23 – The seeds I sowed earlier this month outside did not germinate.  Started 3 more seeds indoors on a heat mat under lights today.
September 25 – We only got 1 squash from the 3 plants I started!  
Would grow again?  Not sure.  I prefer Gelber Englischer Custard and zucchini.

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