Thursday, September 29, 2016

Flowers 2016

Brocade Marigolds (dwarf)
Date sown:   March 26 (indoors)
Transplanted: June 13 into gardens and raised beds.
Would grow again?  Yes  - every year, planted near the tomatoes and beans.

Date started (indoors):  March 20  
Observations:   Started seeds in a milk jug “greenhouse” in the plant room this year.  A number of “volunteer” pansies were growing in one of the raised beds along the driveway, so I transferred them into small flower pots and the black metal container in front of the house.

Cupcake Zinnias
Date direct sown:  May 13
Observations:  Planted in the North garden along the back.
July 26 – A few of these have bloomed, but they are much shorter than described on the package and the flowers are much smaller.  I think the ground where they are planted is too hard.
Would grow again?  Yes, would love to try these again, especially if they end up looking like the picture on the seed packet!

Mexican Torch Sunflower
Date direct sown:   May 13
Observations:   Planted in the North garden along the back.
July 26 – These are supposed to get up to 5 feet tall and form a “wall” of foliage and flowers. Right now, they are a half foot tall!  As with the Cupcake Zinnias, I don’t think the soil they are planted in is right for them.
Would grow again? Yes, want to give these another try next year.

Poppies (single – red, pink, and lilac – fringed & carnation – from a trade)
Date direct sown:   May 13
Observations:   Planted in the flower bed
July 26 – The first poppy opened today!  A pretty shade of pink, and very large.
September 29 - Had light pink and red & black poppies this summer. I was able to save seed from several plants.
Would grow again? Yes

Scarlet Flax
Date direct sown:   May 13
Observations:  Planted in flower bed
Would grow again?  Yes – love these vibrant little flowers.

Dahlia tubers  (6 Ball, 6 Karma Decorative, and 1 “Arabian Nights”)
April 16 – planted tubers in pots to put in the plant room for the next few weeks.
May 12 – Frost overnight killed leaves of most of the dahlias, which I put outside too early this year.  L  Have cut off the dead leaves and am hoping they bounce back.   Very disappointing!  I brought three inside that were lightly touched by frost but otherwise look healthy.
July 26 – One of the large dahlias is blooming abundantly (flowers are white), as is one of the Ball dahlias (also white).  The other day, a dahlia with very small flowers started to open  - beautiful yellow and orange petals.  I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a Ball or a large (regular) dahlia plant.  It looks like neither.  The blooms are pretty, though!
Would grow again?  Yes.  Summer wouldn’t be summer without dahlias.

Sunspot Sunflowers
Date direct sown:   May 31 in various containers
Would grow again? Yes – a favourite!

Early Russian Sunflower (grows up to 8’)
Date direct sown:   May 15
Observations:   Planted 3 towards the back of the North garden.
September 25 – Two of the three planted germinated.  Both sunflowers grew about 8 feet tall. 
Would grow again?  Yes – a favourite.

Date direct sown:   May 23 – various places (especially around kale and eggplants – I read that nasturtium helps keep aphids off other plants).
Would grow again? Yes

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