Thursday, September 8, 2016

Goodbye Cowpeas, Hello Apple Crisp

   The nights so far this month have stayed above zero (a nice change from previous years).  Still, my Gray Speckled Palapye cowpeas seem to have given up the ghost.  I don't know if the cool nights did them in, or if they got waterlogged with all the rain we have had, or a combination of the two.  They were only just starting to put out pods! There is a reason they are grown mainly in the southern United States and Africa.  I should have taken the hint.  Ah, well.  Can't blame me for trying!

    R. dug up five or six potato plants today.  Between his knee and my back, we have had to try to clean up the garden and harvest things a bit at a time.  We were pleased to see that the grass mulch in the potato patch helped keep the soil soft(ish) and that there were so many worms.  While R. was digging, he uncovered the mother of all worms.  Neither of us has ever seen one so large. I admit to finding it kind of creepy.  I was in the middle of exclaiming, "Don't touch it!" when he calmly suggested I might want to get a camera and take a picture for my blog.  Good thinking.

   R. also emptied out the two garbage cans behind the house that contained his potato experiments.  Only 7 potatoes grew, but they are nice ones.  I wish all our potatoes were going to come out this clean...!


   Loulou discovered the boxes I plan to use for drying beans and ripening tomatoes.  The perfect place for a nap.

   I put off picking apples because I have so much else to do around the house and yard these days.  They have begun falling off the tree in earnest, though, so we gathered up the ones on the ground and I made a triple batch of apple crisp this afternoon - one to bake and two to freeze.  The house smells divine.  I used this recipe.  The apple crisp tastes delicious, though the finished product has a lot of liquid/syrup.  Maybe our apples are particularly juicy?  

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