Friday, September 30, 2016

Free Parsley and The Black Moon

It is a dark, cool (3 degrees), rainy day with snow (up to 10cm) forecast for the weekend.  Knowing the weekend would be wet, we dug up the remainder of the potatoes and leeks yesterday and I brought some of the sunflower heads indoors to dry.  The only things remaining in the garden are parsnips, a few tiny beets, parsley, and sunflowers.

I have had an abundance of parsley this year.  I dehydrated enough to fill several mason jars, gave some away, and traded some with people for garlic and a zucchini.  There is still plenty left growing - it somehow has made it through the last few frosts - so yesterday afternoon I put a sign on the mailbox:  FRESH PARSLEY - FREE.  I hate to compost produce if there is someone who would enjoy having it.  So far, a former neighbour, the newspaper carrier, and a Jehovah's Witness have helped themselves!  

One of the North Georgia Candy Roasters had to be used sooner rather than later due to some frost damage and cracks on the bottom where it was laying on the ground.  It was loaded with seeds, which I planned to set aside to dry. Most of the seeds were dimpled or cracked, though, and not suitable for saving.  I picked out about 20 that looked the best and will try drying those.  There is one squash left; hopefully, the seeds in that one will be intact.

I peeled and cut up the squash.  It almost filled our spaghetti pot!  It cooked quickly, in less than 15 minutes, and mashed up nicely. Very smooth and a cheerful yellow.  It tastes more like acorn squash to me than pumpkin (I was expecting a pumpkin or a butternut flavour).  Then again, it didn't have a chance to "after-ripen" for several weeks.  Maybe the remaining squash, once it has been stored for two or three months, will have a deeper/richer flavour.

Tonight, we'll end the month with a Black Moon (the second new moon in a month).

Dreamer - Larisa Strelkova

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