Thursday, September 29, 2016

Root Vegetables 2016

POTATOES  (planted May 14th in the East garden)

Yukon Gold - Haven't tried these yet (as of September 29th).  The potatoes are a good size, but we sure didn't get many of them.   
Red Norland - These were my favourite!  Large potatoes that didn't dissolve into mush when boiled, even when cooked within days of being dug up.  Slightly waxy texture, perfect for potato salad, pan-fried potatoes, latkes, etc.  Definitely want to grow these again next year.    
Blue Russian - These potatoes were all very small and were hard to spot when digging them up. Their skin was the same colour as the dirt!  I haven't tried these yet (as of September 29th).  I grew them as an experiment.  Unless the flavour is out of this world, I likely won't grow them again next year.
Russet - Our old standby.  Will likely grow these again next year, but fewer than we have in years past, in favour of Red Norlands.

Harris Model Parsnips (heirloom)
Date direct sown:   May 22 in raised bed along driveway
September 29 - haven't harvested these yet.  They are smaller than they usually are by this time of year, so will leave them in the ground as long as possible.
Would grow again?  Yes, though likely not next year.

Detroit Red Beets
Date direct sown:   May 23 in cabbage bed (rock bed near currant bush) and in small section of one of the raised beds along the driveway.
Would grow again?  Yes - these are always reliable and tasty.

Chioggia Beets
Date direct sown:   May 23 in cabbage bed (rock bed near currant bush) and a few in the square raised bed by the car.
Would grow again?  Not sure.  These take longer to mature than the Detroit Reds and many did not germinate.


July 26 – Carrots are growing well, though the harvest is going to be smaller than I’d hoped.  I’m glad I planted them with lettuce seed again this year.  The combination works well!
September 25 - Harvest the carrots over the last two weeks.  Most were peeled, chopped, and dehydrated.   A lot of work, as most of the carrots were small this year (Jaune Obtuse du Doubs and the white carrots were the exception).  Hoping to sow them earlier in the season next year. The Chantenay carrots are stubby but very reliable and grow well in heavy soil.

Scarlet Nantes, Amarillo, and Mixed Rainbow Heirlooms
Date direct sown:  May 30 in raised bed along driveway, with tomatoes and peppers.
Scarlet Nantes, Amarillo, and Kaleidoscope Blend (hydrid – Burpee)
Date direct sown:   May 30 in raised bed near currant bush, with tomato plants.
Chantenay Red-Cored
Date direct sown:   May 24 – around base of peppers outside plant room.

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