Thursday, September 29, 2016

Peas 2016

May 15 - all planted in the South garden.

July 26 – The peas are growing very well this year, but we planted the rows too closely together, and the tendrils have become entwined!  As soon as the first batch are ready to pick, we will have to gingerly make our way through the rows, trying to cause as little damage to the plants as possible while pulling them apart to harvest.

August 7 – The weather has been so wet that yesterday afternoon, we ended up having to pick almost all the peas, whether they were fully mature or not. The plants were covered with a red/brown spotty mildew which was starting to spread to the pods, and the plants were damp and bent over.   We had applied “Slug B Gon” to the ground a week ago, so we only came across one slug.  We shelled for the entire evening until 11:30pm – over 14 lbs over peas.

Green Arrow Peas  (“Heritage” brand from Peavey Mart)
Would grow again?  Yes - this is my tried and true variety.  Will grow again next year.

Little Marvel Peas  (from a trade)
Date direct sown:   May 15
Would grow again? Maybe - these would be great for a small garden.  Grew only 2-3 tall.  Very small pods. 

Summer Peas  (from Salt Spring Seeds)
Date direct sown:   May 15
Would grow again?  Yes.  Of the four varieties planted this summer, this is my second favourite.  Smaller pods and peas than Green Arrow, but easy to shell and tasty.

Corne de Belier Snow Peas  (from Baker Creek Seeds)
Date direct sown:   May 15
Would grow again?  Yes, though not next year.  Grew to be 5+ feet tall and was prolific.  We actually had a hard time keeping up with picking these.  Great for stir-fries or for eating fresh, but have to be picked 'young'.  They get hard and stringy otherwise.

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