Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ruffled Poppy and Russian Giant

Discovered a ruffled pink poppy yesterday afternoon!

Teddy Bear sunflower

Multi-headed volunteer sunflower in the south garden in front of the house.

The Russian Giant sunflower in the potato patch is starting to open.

It's stalk is very thick!  Used when firewood is scarce in parts of Russia, I've read.

A purple peppermint dahlia starting to open.

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  1. Purple Peppermint dahlia, Russian Giant sunflower, Teddy Bear sunflower, Ruffled Pink poppy... such beautifully graphic names. I could picture them all, even without the assistance of your beautiful photographs. What beauty there is in your garden paradise. It must be a joy to walk outside every day to discover what surprises await you : ) Wish so much I could share your joy in person.