Friday, August 8, 2014

Plentiful Purple

I discovered another eggplant this morning!  I'm not sure what type, though I think it's a Vittoria eggplant (a hybrid variety).

Lots of flowers and this plant looks healthy.  Bring on more eggplant!  

Three of my other eggplants have been hit with what I think are spider bites.  Wrecks the leaves, leaving them speckled, yellow, and covered with a very fine web.  One I composted, and the other two I sprayed with copious amounts of store-bought insecticial spray, though I think the plants are too far gone to recover. 

Two casualties:

Royal Burgundy beans

Karl resting near the zucchini.

A small, cream coloured dahlia beside the south garden.

Along the side of the house, three lemon yellow dahlias are opening.  They are opening between several of the stems, so are a bit squashed.

Finally, one of my peppermint zinnias bloomed.  The flower is much smaller than they are supposed to be, and the plants are much shorter (about 6 inches) than they should be.  The seeds were sown in a shady part of the garden and in dreadfully hard dirt.  Less than ideal growing conditions.

Another of the Sweet Meat squash starting to grow.  This one is hanging from the apple tree, and another one is on a vine wrapped around the truck of the apple tree!

Karl snoozing by - or rather, on - a few tender sprigs on catnip.  This seems to be a popular spot for the cats to relax.

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  1. How sweet the delicate purple blossoms are on the eggplant plants. I had no idea the blossoms might be the same colour as the eggplant itself. Our Creator certainly had it all together when he designed all things : )
    Love the little peppermint zinnias too, looking just like the little so-named candies available at Christmas and wrapped individually in little clear papers. They did well to come up that well in the hard soil.
    What a colourful paradise you have created!