Saturday, August 23, 2014

Drummondville's Front Yard Vegetable Garden

This is the first Canadian example I have heard of (there are plenty in the USA) where a front yard garden was ordered to be removed.  I can't imagine why - theirs is as neat as a pin!  The couple received international support to change the bylaws in their city and were able to keep the garden. Worth a watch (~10 minutes long).


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  1. This was a great video which I will share with my friends. Can you imagine such stupidity??!! Friends of ours from Calgary days, who moved to the outskirts of Vancouver, had a never-ending battle of similar proportions when they kept a few chickens and planted the rest of their property to vegetables and fruit. I believe Fred is still keeping his small flock of chickens at his home in the North end of Halifax. The City fathers haven't a clue how to handle the situation : ] Hmmmm..... I wonder how many I could house on the balcony. Would certainly perk up Margaret's flower patch!