Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Peppers, Poppies, A Squatter In The Tool Shed

The bell peppers are coming along...slowly, but surely.

The Yellow Taxis are finally showing hints of yellow!

Opalkas have underperformed this year.  These are the best ones.  Still green, though, and hard as rocks.

We have plenty of Paul Robesons on the three plants by the side of the house.  They were among the first tomatoes to ripen and they are delicious.  I think these will go on the list of tomatoes to grow again next summer.

We have about a third the amount of the leeks we grew last year.  This is one of the largest.  It was one of the transplants we got from the local nursery, so I can't take credit!

Apache chili peppers

The light purple eggplant on the left is a Ping Tung (heirloom), while the dark one on the right is a Vittoria (hybrid).  The Ping Tung plant is revolting against the cooler nights by letting go of it's leaves and refusing to put out more fruit, though there are still plenty of blooms on it.  The Vittoria has two more small eggplants on it.  They are now growing at a snail's pace, but I might still come away with two more eggplants this summer.   

The other eggplants I had (Rosa Bianca and Black Beauty) have, to my surprise, bounced back after I sprayed the daylights out of them with an insecticidal soap. They all have several blooms on them, but I doubt the days are long or hot enough now for them to develop fruit.

R. has been attending to the apples on our young apple tree behind the house.  These are the first ones it has produced.   He checks their progress daily.  Funny how different people seem emotionally connected to different things in the garden.

R. took several pictures of this very large spider in the tool shed with my camera.  Yay.  Thankfully, he warned me before I downloaded my pictures.  I am equally thankful that the close-up he tried to take turned out blurry.  *shudder*

The flower bed has been a bit of a write-off this year, but I finally have poppies!  Three so far.  They don't last long, but are so pretty.  These ones are Flanders (also called Ladybird/Ladybug) poppies.

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