Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zone 2a, You Say?

I can't quite believe the weather this morning.  We have been working in the garden on and off for several weeks now.  Almost everything we planted has come up and is doing well.  I am sunburned from working outside for the last few days.

This morning?  Bouncing between -1 and 2 degrees and snowing.  When it's not snowing, ice pellets are falling.   It is starting to accumulate on the ground now and the temperature is decreasing instead of getting milder.  The lower branches of the cherry tree are bowed toward the ground. 

I am hoping the weather warms up soon, or I will have lost a lot of seeds, not to mention the early start we thought we were lucky enough to have this summer.


lilac bush

Cherry tree, drooping, on the right.

A few beans, marigolds, and parsley.


My two zucchini!   Brr!


Off to make some hot chocolate, dig out my flannel nightgown, and research plans for a big geodesic dome greenhouse for the front lawn!

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