Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Treasures In The Cabbage Patch

The first dreaded cabbage moths of the season were spotted this morning, so out I went with my trusty mister bottle filled with BTK mixture.  I've tried sprinkling eggshells in the garden and using various herbs and marigolds to ward off the moths in the last few years, but have never used anything on my plants to deal with pests.  After losing most of my kale and a few cabbage last summer, I decided to relent this year and use a biological insecticide.  To my surprise, I found the little buggers had already been busy depositing eggs on my broccoli and cauliflower.  I dosed those as well as the kale seedlings and turnip greens...holding my breath the whole time so I didn't inhale the mist!

A week or two ago, I started popping random seeds into spaces where nothing was growing.  This morning, I discovered a bush bean and a nasturtium growing in the cabbage patch.  I also discovered that one of the cabbages was actually two, so I dug out one and planted it elsewhere in the bed.

Mystery bush bean


Butters helped.  (Please excuse the "gardener's toes")

Saj, senior supervisor, oversaw R's hoeing of the potato patch this morning.  I missed that photo op.

I also discovered that my Blue Curly kale sprouted (too small for a picture, at this point!), as did my Orca beans.

Meanwhile, Karl relished the pot of catnip we put out early this afternoon.

Update, June 18th -  I found another bean and a cucumber sprouting in the cabbage patch!  Mwuaa hahaha!

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