Friday, June 6, 2014

Day of the Nightshades

It was a busy day today!  I planted the tomatoes (25), peppers (7), and eggplants (9) outside.  That sentence is so short compared to the length of time I spent actually doing it.  Hours.  

Half of the tomatoes are staked with our old cages, and the other half will be "caged" tomorrow with the cages R bought today.  There are 22 tomato plants left, and hopefully, I'll be able to find good homes for them.  

On a whim, I also planted about 15 Orca (dry bush) beans, sticking them wherever there was a space between compatible plants.

My kelp meal was put to good use today.  I sprinkled it on just about everything.  Smells so good!

Pictures tomorrow.  I'm off to have a shower and a cup of tea!

Update - Pictures taken June 7, 2014

This tree is in bloom two properties over.  Gorgeous!

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