Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Propping Up the Peas

After last year's failed stake-and-twine pea supports, we set about constructing this year's (experimental?) pea trellises. R bought bamboo stakes, which we threaded through lengths of plastic mesh.  The ends of each row are anchored down with additional twine and wooden stakes and/or large rocks.  We'll see how it holds up.  Fingers crossed!

In the "south" garden, there is a short row of peas we had left after planting the main pea patch.  R put in two trellises and a few stakes next to those.

One of my Sweet Meat squash didn't come up, so I popped another winter squash seed (Red Kuri) in it's place.  Both are varieties I haven't grown before.  Here's hoping for a long, hot September, as they both require fairly long seasons.  (Why do I do this to myself?!)

Here is what a Sweet Meat looks like:

Image from

...and Red Kuris:

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