Friday, May 17, 2013

Tomato Boot Camp

For the last week, I have been gradually hardening off our plants for the garden.  The peppers and melons are adapting quickly, but the tomatoes seem more fragile.  They go out for 2 hours/day.  Hoping to increase that amount of time over the coming week.


The tomatoes, peppers, melons, and eggplants... 

Pansies, marigolds, and herbs (thyme, Genovese basil, opal basil, and summer savory) getting some sun on the cat tree...

This evening, I planted parsnips ("Hollow Crown"), beets ("Detroit Dark Red"), and dry bush beans ("Tene's Beans") in one of the raised beds along the driveway.  Tene's is a variety that is apparently similar to marrowfat beans, which are described as having a creamy, bacon-like flavour.  (See the  Ark of Taste )  

I also planted a few nasturtium seeds ("Dwarf Cherry Rose") in the bed where I've already planted kale, chard, and endive.  Nasturtiums are supposed to protect kale and cabbage (and lots of other vegetables!) from pesky insects.  They are also supposed to thrive in awful soil.  That is great news, as the soil in the kale bed contains a lot of clay.  What a crispy, cracked surface.  We'll see what grows!

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