Sunday, May 5, 2013

Potatoes Are In

   What a hot, sunny day!  28 degrees Celsius. The whole weekend has been beautiful.  Can we hope this is the start of an early summer...?

   We took advantage of the weather and worked outside.  Yesterday, we cut up the branches left over from pruning and tied them into bundles to dry.  Tedious, but it's finished, and the result takes up far less space than piles of branches on the lawn.  Today, R moved a small rock bed and constructed a much larger rock bed that I'll plant flowers in.  The north garden was extended a bit and R rototilled it.  I schlepped rocks from beside and behind the house to add to the small rock wall bordering the end of the north garden.  At one point, I came around the side of the house to see this:

   A grass fire out of control on the north side of town.  Sirens galore and a water bomber (actually a "flame retardant bomber") circled above our home, making loops until it finally let its contents go.  One street in our small town was lined with vehicles, a veritable traffic jam of looky-loos.  Fortunately, the fire now seems to be under control.  Unfortunately, some jerks took advantage of  the diversion/chaos and robbed the Dollar Store downtown.

   I raked the weeds out of the north garden and R planted Yukon Gold potatoes.  Usually, the potatoes are planted close to the street in the garden next to the raspberry patch.  We needed to rotate the 'taters, though, and the soil is much better in the north garden.  I have a feeling it will not look as pretty as having a variety of other vegetables in that plot, but it's a small price to pay!

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  1. Was just now able to have a look at your new blog, and am really impressed! Well done with great photos, quotes and videos included. It is a lot of work, but a great way to document each growing season.

    Best of luck with all your "crops", and have lots of fun too!

    Callymae :)