Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ready For Planting

This past week's tasks...

R had a large load of soil delivered and dumped on the shed garden.  From there, we moved wheelbarrows full to the containers lining the driveway and those along the side of the house, topping them up to they would be ready to plant at the end of May.  I say "we", though R does the brunt of the heavy work.  I do what I can, it just takes a lot longer to do a fraction of the work!

In the newly expanded rock flower bed, I planted orange calendula, Shasta "Crazy Daisies", gomphrena, Scarlet Flax, Rose Mallow, and Double Pink Poppy seeds.  All are new to me except the Rose Mallow, which I grew last year.  Already growing there are patches of Creeping Thyme, Wooly Thyme (love this!), and two silver mounds that I don't think are going to make it this year.  I love flowers, but don't know much about flower gardening.  It's complicated.  So many to choose from, and all growing to different heights, with different spreading habits, blooming at different times, requiring different amounts of sunlight, etc.  My approach has been to choose the flowers I like, get a general idea how tall they will grow, find out if they are annuals or perennials, plant the seeds, and see what happens...

R tilled all three gardens.

Today, I planted dahlia tubers (they look like a dwarf "Dinnerplate" variety), Sunspot Sunflowers, Morning Glories, and lemon balm in containers. Saj, Karl (neighbour's cat), and Butters (other neighbour's cat) all supervised to varying degrees.  :-)

Building a new raised bed!

What to plant here?  Decisions, decisions!

Potato patch in foreground, general garden behind.

Containers along side of house ready for peppers & tomatoes.

Newly filled strawberry-patch-to-be!

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