Wednesday, September 10, 2014

There's Always The Root Vegetables...

A chilly, misty morning.  It was -2 when I looked out at 7:30am and it reached -5 overnight, according to online sources.  

Last night, I covered the turnips, beets, and two rows of dry beans I'm trying to save.  The leeks and carrots should be fine.  Temps are supposed to bounce back up to low 20's this weekend, so we'll know better then what made it through the cold snap.  I predict a marathon potato digging session and a whole lot of garden clean-up in our near future.

A moment of silence for the squash plant...

Banana (fingerling) potatoes and a large tomato plant.

Potatoes are looking a little rough.

The turnips were covered with a burlap bag.  They're cold hardy, but better safe than sorry.

My dry beans (Vermont Cranberry).  I haven't dared to look under the sheet yet.

Butters showed up to help me assess the damage.

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