Friday, September 5, 2014

Early September 2014

South side of the house.

Corn, Sweet Meat squash (green) and Red Kuri squash (orange).

Poor Eggplant.  I think frost got it, or else it loathes the cool nights we have had lately.  This (Ping Tung) was the largest and healthiest eggplant I had, yet produced only one eggplant before the days started getting shorter.

Eva Purple Ball tomatoes.  The ripest one unfortunately has blossom end rot.  Arhg Hoping the others ripen soon.  If they do, I will probably grow these next year.  Like the Yellow Taxis, they are cute, blemish-free (for the most part) and determinate.  They are supposed to be an early variety, but I find most early varieties grown here don't ripen all that much before other varieties.

The last batch of carrot I sowed (i.e, the ones that actually "took"!).  If September is warm, we might get a few more home-grown carrots. 

Our first batch of apples from our young apple tree (Battleford).

The Russian Giant has opened!

A dahlia.

1 comment:

  1. All hail to the magnificent Russian Giant - beautiful!!
    Loooove the colour of your dahlia : ]
    Lovely apples from your young tree. Is Battleford an eating or cooking apple? Have never heard of them before.
    Your crop of late-sown carrots is coming along well! Carrots, as many root crops, can be left in the ground quite late into the fall/winter. If you protect them from frost for a bit, you can still get some growth out of them too.
    Boy, growing tomatoes in your neck of the woods sure is tricky to say the least. That being said, you are very brave and industrious to have experimented with so many colourful and interesting varieties. If you are concerned about their ripening before a frost, I am assuming other years you have simply brought the green fruit inside to ripen with good results.
    Poor Ping Tung : ( A valiant try.... may he RIP! Eggplant is obviously a very climate-sensitive vegetable. I am so sorry you cannot find a variety that grows successfully for you, as I know you it is one of your favourite veggies.
    Love your squash, and corn is looking good too : )
    Wish I could sample everything.....