Monday, September 8, 2014

Autumn in Zone 2

Whether this area lands in 2a or 2b seems to be a matter of debate in some circles.  All I know is, it's "2 Cold".

It has been snowing and drizzling all morning.  The furnace is on.  I went out around 7:30am to check on things and take a few pictures.  Sections of the sheets I used for cover had blown off the peppers and tomatoes.  The sheets were wet, so now they are frozen stiff in angular shapes.  

One pepper plant was completely exposed and covered with ice.  I pulled it, wrapped the roots in a plastic bag, and hung it in the laundry room.  Some of the other peppers and my one big squash might be next to come in.  We'll see how the day progresses.

The temperature is currently at zero (the "feels like" temperature is -5).  Tonight and tomorrow night are predicted to be colder.

On a positive note, another one of my big sunflowers is opening.

My Canadian Wild Goose beans, pretty much zapped.

The kitties are in hibernation mode.

Karl, the neighbour's cat...

...Saj, our cat...

...and Butters, the other neighbour's cat!

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