Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zucchini Pickings and Volunteer Sunflowers

The first zucchini of the season!

Potato flowers

Volunteer sunflowers in the potato patch.

A closer look.

Volunteer sunflowers in the south garden.  Pea patch in the background.

Beurre de Rocquencourt beans


Two little cucumbers.  The cucumber plants are as slow as molasses this summer, even growing hybrid varieties. 

Butters (neighbour's kitty) enjoying some early morning nip.  Butters' people are away for three weeks for their wedding and honeymoon.  Their other cat is content to stay at their place and be visited daily by a housesitter.  Butters is staying with us.

A big bunch of sage among the (few) carrots that managed to grow from my first, second, third, and fourth sowings!

After digging up the onions, I decided to toss some carrot seeds along one side of the empty bed.  I figured it couldn't hurt. This time, I covered the area with burlap.  We had two heavy rainfalls in the week following, so the soil and burlap stayed wet.  Ta-daa!  We have seedlings!  (Click to enlarge) Now all we need is a really warm September, with no heavy frosts.  Hopefully, the maggots that went after the onions won't have a taste for carrots...

Green cabbage

The crabapples are starting to ripen.  It seems early.

The Opalka paste tomato plants are looking feeble this year.  They have managed to put out some fruit, though, so my fingers are crossed that the weather will cooperate long enough for them to ripen.

Royal Burgundy beans

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  1. What bounty!!!
    All your hard work paying off. A feast for the eyes, the tummy and the soul : ]
    Wish I could give you a hand with the gardening chores.