Sunday, July 6, 2014

Senior Supervisor, Saj

Let's try this again.  After putting the final touches on almost two hours of work yesterday, I lost the whole entry when Blogger detected a change had been made to the text and automatically saved the new - completely blank - document.  The "change" was hitting a key (?) which somehow erased everything.  

Beyond frustrating.  A r h g.

We were out and about yesterday morning to see how the gardens were coming along.  We were joined by our senior supervisor, Saj (16 years).  An overcast, mild, and breezy day.
Three volunteer sunflowers are growing in the south garden among the bush beans and broccoli. 

Something was missing from that picture…oh wait, there she is!


R. picked some strawberries.

The pea patch, looking good.  The plastic mesh and bamboo stake trellis seems to be working well so far.

One of the first pea pods to emerge.  It’s hard to see – roughly in the centre of the picture, slightly down and to the left.

Frilly Red Mustard (already going to seed?!) on the bottom, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce in the middle, and radishes on the top.  R’s feet snuck in.

I neglected to pull out a few of the smaller leeks at the end of last summer.  To our surprise, they survived the winter and started growing again this year.  They are going to seed  - you can see the pods, which started to develop a few days ago, in the close-up picture.

Summer savoury is one hardy herb, once it gets going!  These two plants are growing from the two tiny sprigs that remained from the bunch of seedlings I started indoors.  Unfortunately, the majority of them fried in the sun during the hardening off process.  In between the summer savoury is a pepper plant.

Zucchini, doing well.

Ping Tung Eggplant

Broccoli – some plants are faring far better than others, and we’re not sure why!

Royal Burgundy snap beans.  This is my first year growing them, and they are among the healthiest beans plants I have this year.  I obtained the seeds in a trade.  If you click on the picture, you can see the little purple buds that have started to develop.

Saj, nibbling on some tender catnip leaves.

What’s this?  This isn’t catnip!”   I don’t know what it is, but I refer to it as the zombie plant.  It was going to be thrown out at R’s workplace years ago, and he rescued it.  It suckers and though I have cut it back severely several times *ahem*, it just keeps coming back.  I don’t think it can be killed.  Funny, as it is supposed to be an indoor plant.  It seems to thrive outside despite our harsh winters.

Two Snowcap pole beans have sprouted beside the second Russian Giant sunflower I planted.  I’m not sure about the “giant” part.  They are supposed to grow 8-10+ feet tall, but the first one looks like it’s going to top out at 5 feet!  Not very useful as a trellis.  Good thing we still have some bamboo poles left.

Look closely, and you'll see Saj trying to photobomb this shot.  *L*

Green onions, gone to seed.


The flower bed – Creeping Thyme along the left-hand side, Scarlet Flax in the middle, and yellow & orange calendula along the right-hand side.  A small bunch of Shasta Daisies are in the corner.

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