Monday, July 28, 2014

Resistance is Fertile!

Resistance is Fertile (26:37) can be watched HERE.

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Resistance is Fertile chronicles the journey of the South Central Resistance (SCR), a group of teenage renegades as they set out to reclaim and [beautify] South Central Los Angeles through the art of Guerilla Gardening--the illicit cultivation of someone else's land. With every birth of a garden lies the chance that it will be transformed back into a barren wasteland at the hands of the city government. With the aid of several veteran LA-based Guerilla Gardeners, the SCR attempts its most ambitious mission to date: The BIG DIG. Will the BIG DIG restore hope and revitalize a community or will it simply fall at the hands of the government and become another statistic? Join these environmental warriors as they green the hood for the good.  (Written by Mike Greischar, director)

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