Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Plant Room and Feline Helpers

I spent the morning potting some more pepper and tomato seedlings.  We are finally having sunny, mild weather again.  All the kitties are as relieved as we are by this and have been assisting in our garden projects in their own ways...

Saj, our senior supervisor (16 years old). She doesn't see much any more, but likes to follow us around while we work outside.   Her nose and ears still work quite well.

Karl snoozing in a dahlia pot.

Karl guardin' the garden.

Butters took a major detour on her way to check out the plant room.

Most of the seedlings in the plant room.  The cats don't get much use of their "tree" during the month of May!

Butters sniffing the herbs. Squished a few.

Heading for the corner, I think...

Spots a bird out the window...

The rest of my seedlings, including newly potted tomatoes on the floor. 

A tranquil Butters resting behind the French lavender.  I am tempted to email this picture to her owner. 

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