Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Good Mail Day

I love a "good mail" day!  

When I checked our mailbox this afternoon, I was delighted and surprised to find a package from my internet friend, Mike.  Mike is an avid gardener from Arkansas and is the fellow who generously sent me the Anasazi beans I wrote about HERE.  He has also sent a variety of heirloom vegetables, herbs, and flowers over the last few years.  It is always fun to receive the seeds he sends, and he somehow never fails to include varieties I have never seen before.

Included in today's package was:

Passion Fruit seeds
Amish Country red popcorn
Passion fruit - I have never seen these seeds before!
Yarrow - a great addition to my herbal toolkit.
Black Cherry tomato - these were on my wish list for next summer!
Big Mama tomato
Helda Pole green bean
Suyo cucumber
Black Cumin
Cranberry dry bush bean - was on my wish list!
Red Swiss Chard
Bob Marley kale - the description he enclosed with these seeds says, "I call this Bob Marley - It is a kale that has been growing for me on its 3rd year now.  When it grows the leaves look like dread locks."  I am intrigued.  Can't wait to see this kale come up.

Off to write a thank-you card and look up some of these seeds!

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