Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flower Bed Overhaul

A busy day today.  Mild and partly cloudy, threatening rain but never quite coming through. 

This morning, R. tackled the rock wall flower bed as it had been taken over by grass and weeds to the point where nothing new could be planted and the existing perennials (Creeping Thyme, Silver Mound, and Wooley Thyme) were being choked out.  He dug out the perennials and I removed weeds and grass that were growing through them.  Then he deconstructed the flower bed, sifted out the weeds, grass, and the poplar tree seedlings (arhg!) from the soil, and finally put everything back together.  A big job, most of it done while I was at a client's home doing a house call!  

When I arrived home, we hopped in the car and went to the Hillside nursery 5 minutes away to buy green cabbage (6), cauliflower (12), broccoli (22), catnip, chocolate mint, marigolds (12), corn (20), cucumber (4), and parsley.  Once home, we replanted a few of the perennials in the flower bed and R. left to run an errand while I started planting the things we picked up at the nursery.  The extra flower bed clippings (mostly Creeping Thyme) will be given to whoever wants them.

Earlier this week, I found a tiny, speckled sparrow's egg in one of the large planters on the south side of the house - beneath the eaves, where the sparrows have their condos established. 


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