Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Discoveries

It was a busy morning.  R and I picked what will likely be the last batch of raspberries before R started mowing the lawn and whippersnipping around the property - a big job.  I watered everything and cut back some of the Butternut squash vines.  I also made a few discoveries....

Another little eggplant!  A Vittoria (hybrid) like the other one that's developing in the back yard.

Another tiny eggplant developing, and two blooms, on the same plant as the eggplant above.

The gomphrena I planted in the Spring was s-l-o-w to grow.  It is still only about 6 inches tall, and most of that growth happened in the last 2 or 3 weeks.  Today I noticed that several of them now have little pink centres where the flowers will bloom.  I'm looking forward to seeing these.  The seeds were like wispy, delicate confetti.

Some of the Speckled Algonquin beans.  They have pink mottling on the pods when they are mature.

Tene's beans.  These are so tall and heavy, they have completely keeled over the sides of the raised bed.  Yet another vegetable I should have staked.  They are all pale green.

Another Butternut squash spotted today.

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