Monday, August 5, 2013

Invasion of the Cabbage Moths

It's a beautiful, sunny, hot day today.  I went out early and thinned the carrots before doing the one task I've been avoiding.  The nasturtiums did better this year than ever, growing much bigger and producing many more flowers than in previous years.  Unfortunately, they are taking over the other plants in the raised beds and are even sending out shoots.  I think these must be vining nasturtiums, and hybrids at that.  Usually I plant heirloom bush nasturtiums.   The raised beds look less colourful now, which I find kind of sad, but the melons, tomatoes, and eggplants will now get more sun, which they desperately need.

The cabbage moths have comes out in droves.  I didn't even try to catch any this morning.  They are clearly rejoicing in the heat and sunshine as much as I am.  There are dozens of them fluttering around.  I wish they'd keep off my cabbage and kale.   I guess that would be going completely against nature, like someone wishing I'd keep away from chocolate.  Not going to happen.

Here is my first pink dahlia.  It grew in an odd place, at the base of three branches.  A little squished, but what a beautiful colour.

Rose Mallow, Scarlet Flax, and Calendula with a tomato plant photobombing in the background.   *L*

Karl (neighbour's kitty) snoozing in the shade of our crab apple tree.

The Sunspot sunflowers are starting to open.  I like these.   A hybrid that produces single heads with seeds for the birds, but only grow about 2.5 feet tall.

Love me some wooly thyme!  There is a tiny patch of fibre optic grass, not visible in the picture, growing close to the edge of the wooly thyme.  I bought transplants of fibre optic grass from the nursery 3 or 4 years ago.  I love the way it looks in large bunches.  It did not make it through that winter to come up again the following Spring.  Some of the seeds seem to have survived, though, and a few blades grew this year.  A nice surprise!

Head scritch'ns...

Hungarian Yellow peppers (a transplant R. bought at the store.  I wish the ones I started from seed were doing this well.)

Some of the Opalka paste tomatoes are getting big.   :) 

Lilliput zinnias.  I enjoy these and grow them every year.  They do well in the heat, are easy to grow, and are so bright & cheerful looking.

Karl on the walkway between the potato patch and south garden.  Sticking to the shady spots today.

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