Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Swimming In Raspberries

    As predicted, this has been a stellar year for raspberries.  We have been picking every 2 to 3 days for about two weeks now.  In five picks, we have harvested over 40 lbs of berries.  Our freezer is packed.  We have even steam juiced (R's latest impulse buy) some of our supply so it will take up less space.  We're going to have to figure out what to do before the tomatoes, beans, and string beans are harvested.  If all goes according to plan, a neighbour and his young sons and a friend of R's will come pick their fill today.  Hopefully, they will help themselves to some of the parsley I hung on the back of the fence, too!

Some of our strawberries and broccoli...

Garlic scapes from a friend's farm.

Sauteed scapes.  Like a cross between asparagus and mild garlic.

'Ruby Eclipse' sunflower

The first and only 'Green Macerata' cauliflower head so far.  Huge plants, but where are all the cauliflower?

'Green Macerata' cauliflower plants in the corner of the potato patch.

'Meteor' zinnia - petals not completely open yet.

Galeux D'Eysines squash plants.  Apparently, these are sprawlers, not climbers.  None of them latched onto the branches I put in as supports.  The Candy Roasters we grew last year were definitely climbers!

'Painted Pony' beans in the bed in the foreground, 'Cattle' beans in the bed near the fence. Both are dry bush bean varieties.

The green cabbage have had a rough summer, but at least the 'Red Express' cabbage are doing well.

A whisper across my ankles...

...the neighbour's kitty arrives for a visit and conversation.

'Cattle' dry bush beans.  These are very productive.

'Early Crookneck' squash plants.  I am still waiting for the actual squash to appear!

Garlic, sunflowers, and 'Tiger Eye' beans.

The North garden.  It looks sparse compared to past years.

'Ping Tung' eggplant flowers.

A volunteer orange zinnia in an 'Early Annie' tomato plant!

Tomatoes, peppers, parsley, an eggplant ('Black Beauty'), lime basil, and an 'Early Crookneck' squash plant along the south side of the house.

Floofy's petunias and a bit of lettuce.

A variety of mint, Red Russian, Lacinato, and Curly kale, and Italian Flatleaf and curly parsley.

L to R: Zucchini plants, jalapeno pepper plant, and Dapple Grey dry bush beans.

The pea patch (South garden), peppers, zinnias, and cucumbers.

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