Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Crabapple Glory

Thanks to all the rain early in the season, this crabapple harvest just might rival the excellent raspberry harvest we've had this year.

I don't know what variety of crabapples these are, but I love their appearance when they are ripe:  a pretty, rosy pink-red.  They are tart, but sweet enough to eat on their own.  Now that we have a steam juicer, I think we'll take a stab at making crabapple jelly.  Just a few jars, though.  The majority of the crabapples will hopefully be snapped up by - and preferably picked by - others who would like to have them.

It is a challenge to get a good picture of the entire tree, as it is so oddly shaped.  A few incidents of enthusiastic pruning by R. over the years have left it lopsided. For better or worse, I gather another pruning is in this tree's near future. 

Several of the branches are so heavy with fruit, they almost touch the ground.

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