Saturday, July 1, 2017

Early July Update

It is remarkable how differently things in the garden do from year to year.  This time last year, I had a beautiful dahlia on one of the plants and a large tomato growing.  This year, there are no signs of buds on the dahlia plants yet and the tomato I spotted is small.  The carrots, however, are doing better than in all the years I have grown them. *Touch wood*

I laughed out loud, looking back at a June 2013 post and seeing how small the currant bush was!  It is now a sprawling monster.  Strangely, it has never given us currants.  It was loaded with the beginnings of them this Spring but for some reason, they all dropped off.  Maybe the soil is lacking something they need? 

North garden

Along the fence - Early Annie tomatoes, sunflower, eggplant, zinnias

Tiger Eye beans, garlic (bulbils) in foreground, garlic (cloves) to the right.

Lettuce and 3 Burpless Muncher cucumbers. Cattle beans to the right.

Detroit Red beets, onions, and carrots

Onions and carrots

Leeks.  They still look so small!

Galeux D'Eysines squash

Galeux D'Eysines squash

Potatoes (R), Green Macerata cauliflower, zinnias, & Speckled Algonquin beans (L)

Green Macerata cauliflower

Cabbage bed - mostly Red Express cabbage

Pea patch - zinnias, peppers, and string beans (sprouting!) along the front.

Painted Pony dry beans & Berkeley Tie Dye tomatoes. Water barrels along side.

Bush cucumber

Basket of petunias Floofy's owner gave us.  Lettuce in the green container.

South side of the house; tomatoes, peppers, parsley, eggplant, cabbage

Assorted Mint, kale, parsley

Pepper plant (they are all still small and feeble looking) and lettuce.

South side of house; Russian Rose tomatoes, sunflower, Tene's beans (dry)


Behind the house; assorted lettuce, beets, and Swiss chard

Dapple Grey dry bush beans

Flashy Butter Oak lettuce

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