Friday, June 23, 2017

Cherokee Purple and The Thunder Rolls

We continue to have cool, damp weather.  This morning brought some welcome sunshine and mild temps, though the sky is quickly darkening as I type (3:00pm) and I hear thunder rumbling, heading this way.  Will we have sunny days next week?

About two weeks ago, my daikon radish, which was doing so well, suddenly started to bolt.  I'm not sure why, especially considering how cool this spring/early summer has been.  I reluctantly pulled it up (it smelled so fresh and good), composted it, and planted Yellow Crookneck Squash seeds in it's place.  I wasn't sure if these would germinate, as the seeds were 5+ years old.  I planted 12 to cover my bases.  They began to come up the day before yesterday - more than I expected, so I will have to thin them out!  This is my first time growing this variety, and I look forward to seeing what these squash are like. 

One of the radish starting to bolt.

Yellow Crookneck Squash starting to come up. Thinned out a few already!

Tiger Eye beans with bamboo stakes in the north garden.

The first tomato!  A Cherokee Purple.

Italian Giant Leaf parsley

Purple kohlrabi

The apples are starting to form.

The carrot and onion bed is doing well!  I'm so glad I learned about planting carrot seeds while the weather is still cool (as with beets, peas, and leeks).  What a difference it makes.

Crab apples

Pansies (and Bachelor Buttons that have not yet bloomed).

The raspberry bushes are LOADED with developing fruit.  For the last few weeks, the patch has hummed with bees of all sizes.  A sight for sore eyes, as it seems there are fewer and fewer bees in the garden each year.  I hoped to get a picture of one of the large, fuzzy ones, but this fellow was most accommodating.

It is now 3:30pm and the sky just opened up. The thunder rolls and the rain pours.  It is dark enough that we have had to turn on the lights mid-afternoon.  Time to finish up this entry and log off!

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