Monday, July 10, 2017

Brassica Carnage

We are having a problem with root maggots this year in the north garden.  Most of my brassicas are planted there.  The vile creatures are gnawing away on the roots of the cauliflower and broccoli, killing the plants.  We've lost about 7 so far, and 2 more look like they're about to give up the ghost.  So far, they haven't gone after the cabbage. *touch wood*  We sprayed nematodes on all the garden plots and raised beds last year to deal with them (to the tune of around $75 for the product, including shipping).  Apparently, the beneficial effects don't last beyond one growing season...

Healthy broccoli plants on the left, and maggot-targeted broccoli (bottom) and Romanesco cauliflower (top) on the right:

On the positive side, these broccoli are starting to produce heads...

...and the Ruby Eclipse sunflowers (thanks, Sharon!) are growing well.

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