Monday, August 8, 2016

Mist and Peas

It is a misty, cool morning.  The forecast says things are supposed to clear off today and that we are in for a sunny week.  I sure hope so.  The garden needs some sunshine and heat.

The weather has been so wet this summer.  Late yesterday afternoon, we ended up picking almost all the peas in the patch, whether they were a good size for freezing or not. The pea plants were soft and drooping over, leaving some peas on the ground.  They were also covered with a red/brown spotty mildew which was starting to make it's way onto the pods.  We spent the entire evening working on them.  We finished around 11:30pm with just over 14 lbs shelled.  Our total for this year is 26.5 lbs.  Not the bumper crop we've had in years past - one year, we had 41 lbs of shelled peas from the garden - but at least better than last year's sloggy, slug-and-mould-filled disappointment (less than 20 lbs).

Too bad we don't have goats.  They would love the shells!  The unshelled peas filled a similar bin.

The pea patch this morning.

Did I mention the ground was wet?

It began to rain the day after we hung the garlic, onions, and shallots outside to cure.  It has been raining or drizzling since.  We have the two branches full hanging in the laundry room with a fan blowing on them.  There is no room to hang them in the shed.  It is very, uhm, rustic.  *L*

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