Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Have A Bean!

   Several, in fact.  And my Gelber Englischer Custard squash, zucchini, and two of the five varieties of potatoes (Nicola and Linzer Delikatess) have poked through the soil.

   Yesterday was a drizzly day, though unfortunately, we did not get much rain.  R. finished putting the trellises up for the peas using electric fence stakes this year instead of bamboo rods to provide the structure. I planted the new mint, cucumber, and red pepper plants he bought and did some weeding.

  Things are still messy outdoors, with pots, bags of soil, and gardening tools everywhere and the transplants still appear "shocky".   I have been reassuring myself that, as things grow, the yard will gradually look a lot prettier (or at least less trailer-trashy) in the coming weeks!

Kenearly Yellow Eye beans and celery in the background.

Two Ping Tung Eggplants with some feeble looking basil.

The nicest part of the flower bed.  The rest contains a lot of intefering quack grass and space where seeds have been sown.

We're trying tomato craters this year...

Beet seedlings

Gelber Englischer Custard Squash seedling

Newly planted tomato (mine) and pepper (the nursery's) transplants.

Spiral trellises supported by two old pool cues. We'll be growing small cucumbers and Morning Glories on these.

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  1. Awesome job!!!
    I never cease to amaze at your endless energy and motivation when it comes to all things related to gardening. Things are looking nothing short of wonderful, and I have a great appreciation for the huge amount of work you have undertaken, and continue to devout to, your quest for growing your own vegetables and flowers and shrubs each year. I will share your newest successes with my friends who are regularly astounded by your tireless efforts and huge successes.