Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hurtin' Units

   The weather has been good this May long weekend.  R. and I have been working on getting the containers and in-ground gardens ready for planting.  Yesterday, R. mowed and whippersnipped the property for the first time this season.  Then we emptied the compost bins, added the compost and some new dirt to the containers, and redid the rock bed near the sheds.  "Redid" means we dismantled the flower bed, dug the weeds and grass out of the dirt, moved the dirt onto a tarp, layed down layers of cardboard and wooden boards as a base, rebuilt the rock bed, layered the bottom with leaves, and shoveled the dirt back in.

   Today,  R. tilled the three in-ground gardens and installed lawn edging and grass seed along a strip of the north garden (long story).  I raked through the three gardens, removing the weeds and stones.  Rake, bend/squat, pull, stand, rake.  Repeat sequence for several hours.  Wonder what the hell you were thinking, converting so much lawn into garden space.  Assure self it will all be worth it come August.

   After a long winter of us both spending far too much time on our (_I_) 's, the garden prep has been a reality check. Suffice to say, we are tired, aching, and stiff this evening.  Bring on the Icy Hot lotion and magnesium powder!

Before tilling and weeding...

...and after.

The bed with the screen on top has been planted with beets.

Red onions planted around the edges, carrots in the middle.

Containers ready for seeds and transplants.

A visit from a neighbour's cat, in dire need of grooming, poor kitty. We don't know what her real name is. We call her Loreal.

Some of the garlic has poked up.

A much-thinned raspberry patch.  Boy, am I glad I did this in the early Spring.  Once mulched, it should be much easier to navigate this summer than last summer.

The new and improved rock bed.

The first Swiss Giant Pansies of the season!

Transplants in the plant room.  ("Seedling Supervisors" having a snooze on the top shelf in the corner...)

Tomorrow, we plant!

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