Monday, May 4, 2015

Canadian Seed Libraries

Below is a small list of Canadian seed lending libraries.  
For seed swaps and exchanges, check out this link

Dunedin Public Library Seed Library - pic from the Tampa Bay Times

Seeds of Diversity Canadian Seed Library

Salt Springs Seed Sanctuary - Lots of good information here.  A one-time membership fee of $20 is required to borrow seed. Based in Salt Spring Island, BC.

The Halifax Heritage Seed Library - Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Here is a nice article about the HHSL.  A location is soon coming to Dartmouth, too.

Populuxe seed bank - Based in Edmonton, Alberta.  They also have a current Twitter account.

Dalhousie University's Seed Library - The first university-funded seed library in Canada.  Located in the Macrae library on the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in Nova Scotia.  They have a Facebook page, and here is a nice article about the library.

Toronto Seed Library - Based in Toronto, Ontario.  There are currently 16 on-location branches of the Toronto Seed Library, as well as 3 traveling branches.  They also have a Facebook page and Twitter account.

Victoria Seed Library - Affiliated with the Greater Victoria Public Library in Victoria, BC. 

Find More Seed Libraries HERE  - Scroll down the page to find additional Canadian seed libraries (some formal, some grass-roots).

Seed Library Locator Map

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