Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Seedling Supervisors

     Introducing our new seedling supervisors, adopted from the SPCA two weeks ago.  Bea* (the tortie) and her littermate, Loulou* (orange and white) seem to be settling in well. 

     Bea adjusted quickly and is an outgoing, curious, affectionate charmer.  She purrs and "talks" a lot.  She also enjoys eating.  She is mischievous and inserts herself into any situation that involves cuddles, treats, or person-pet conversation.

     Little Lou is very timid, dainty, and acts like she might have had a hard go of things before being surrendered to the SPCA.  Initially, she hid under our sofa for two days and then ran to hide when we made eye contact with her or moved too quickly.  She is very quiet; there is rarely a peep from her, though we do hear her talking to Bea in their secret language of coo's and mrff's.  She does not seem as inclined to eat, which we are watching.  She is slowly getting used to us (more quickly to R, which is a new and kind of sad experience for me...), and is sticking close to Bea, who behaves more like a protective mom than her sister.

    Despite Loulou's timidness, she and Bea play full-throttle when the mood strikes, racing around the house, chasing after balls and toys, knocking over their food and water dishes, and ambushing each other in the litterbox. 

    The kitties are estimated to be about a year old and they came to us already named. Bea was originally named Brittany (can you imagine?) and Lou/Loulou was named Louanne.  I don't know who came up with these names but suffice to say, we changed them as soon as they were home with us.

     I'm not sure if the "seedling supervisor" designation will stick.  I got home from a house call today and discovered that the tips of several tomato seedlings had been munched off!  I'm quite sure Bea did it, as she has been eager to nibble on my herbs and seedlings for the past week.  Clearly, the two trays of grass we've grown for the cats isn't providing sufficient chlorophyll in her diet!

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful, new additions! They are both simply adorable, each in their own special way. They are also very lucky pets to have been adopted by such special people.
    I can understand your concern and surprise about Loulou and the way she is finding it difficult to bond with you. I can't imagine that happening, or ever having happened in the past with all the animals you have been exposed to. You always seemed to be able to immediately engage and communicate with any animal that crossed your path. Take heart, she will soon come to know you, love you and trust you. I wonder if she might have been abused by a female prior to her placement with the SPCA. That would certainly account for the way she has initially attached herself to R.
    Best of luck, and many happy times with your new family!!