Monday, April 20, 2015

Garlic Planting and Puttering Outside

   It is a sunny and surprisingly hot (19 degrees C at noon) Spring day!  I have been outside raking old leaves into the garden and planting garlic bulbs along the edges of the tomato beds.  We planted some a few years ago but it didn't come up the following Spring.  Wrong location, perhaps, or not adequately mulched.  Or maybe just the fact that we live in a part of the country that has obscenely cold winters.  In any case, we're trying again this year with some commercial bulbs R. bought and a few smaller bulbs I received in a trade - a mix of heirloom varieties.

    Our new seedling supervisors, Bea and Loulou, stayed inside while I worked outdoors.  As eager as Bea is to get out the front door and explore, our intention is to keep them inside this summer.  They are still small and curious enough to get themselves into serious trouble if allowed outside.  My neighbour/volunteer supervisors, Butters and Loreal, both showed up to say hello and watch what I was doing.  Unfortunately, they seem to be sworn enemies, so neither stuck around very long.



   We have our seed starting shelving unit set up in the plant room, and R. bought another one (!) to set in up in the living room, after a bit of rearranging.  The windows are south-facing and get a lot of sun and heat during the day.  I have been moving the trays from one room to the other, following the sun.  Unconventional, but it works for us.

Living room - leeks, herbs, tomatoes, jalapenos, marigolds, & zinnias

Plant room - basil, parsley, celery that won't germinate, pansies, cabbage, & broccoli

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