Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday, Starting Seeds

   It is a sunny, mild Easter Sunday.  I decided this morning that today would be a good day to start a few tomato seeds.  I planted:

Jaune Flamme (first time growing)
Bonny Best (first time growing)
Paul Robeson
Patio Princess  (first time growing - hybrid)
Gajo de Melon  (first time growing)
Early Annie  (first time growing)
Yellow Taxi
Eva Purple Ball
Black Plum (first time growing)

   Though I planted more than we can put in our yard, I was still niggled by the lack of a green variety in the bunch!  An hour later, I planted Green Zebra (first time growing).  If all goes well, I will have 50 plants - plenty to share.

   I also started Ping Tung (eggplant), jalapeno, and paprika seeds.  First time trying the paprika peppers.

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