Sunday, July 7, 2013

Foiled Again

After two days of rain, the sun is out again.  I harvested some more beet greens for lunch (so tasty!) and then later went out to peruse.

Here are my radishes.  They have bolted.  Again. This is the third year I have tried to grow radishes, which are touted as among the easiest of vegetables to grow.  My results have not supported that claim!  They form leaves well, grow nice roots...and then bolt.  No "bulb" shaped radish.  Not being a huge radish fan, this does not exactly make me toss and turn at night.  I was hoping to see a big Watermelon radish for myself, though.

On a positive note, my calendula flowers are about to open.  I can't wait!  

The Creeping Thyme has flowered...

Tomatoes are doing well...


...and more marigolds have opened.

The broccoli are forming heads....

Though small, some were already on the verge of going to flower, so we picked them.  There is lots of summer left, so we'll likely see smaller, secondary heads develop on the plants.

Sweet little Saj is starting to look and feel her age.  :(  Here she rests by the cauliflower and green onions after a brief confrontation with Butters. 

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