Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Detroit Golden and Swiss Giant

I cleared out the space where my radish were and planted Detroit Golden beets there this morning.  I have never seen them in stores or eaten them, and am eager to see how they turn out.  They are supposed to have a sweeter, milder flavour than red beets.

My Swiss Giant pansies are on the verge of opening today.  I can already tell that one is going to be a gorgeous burgundy colour.  Looking forward to seeing their little faces shine!

R is weeding the raspberry patch. It is the perfect day to do it - breezy and only 22 degrees.  My back won't take helping out today.  :(  Lighter weeding in the raised beds for me.

I'm off to stake one of the yellow cherry tomato plants.  They are determinate/bush tomatoes.  Never having grown determinate tomatoes before, I didn't realize they'd take up so much space horizontally!  The main stem of the yellow cherry has split, I assume from the heavy winds we've have lately.  I want to tie it so it won't break off completely.  I hope that does the trick.  The branch that has almost separated from the plant has dozens of yellow blooms on it.   Arhg.

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