Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pruning Is So Cathartic...

It was a grey, dreary day but cool, breezy, and a good day to do yard work.  R went at the trees in the front yard and gave them a good pruning.

Earlier this week, I gave the current bush a LONG overdue pruning.  We bought and planted it knowing nothing about its growing habits or how to care for it.  It flourished, but the long branches have basically layed on the ground for the last few years.  When I looked up care for current bushes, not only did I discover that one needs to prune them, but they are supposed to be pruned in a specific pattern for the first three or four years to properly shape them.  Opps.

I also went at the lilac bush...

R made a new raised bed....

....and two new lettuce beds.

We also set the rain barrels up around the house as it had been threatening rain all day.  As it turned out, we didn't get rain, but did get a few sloppy snowflakes.

A few of the seeds I planted weeks ago didn't sprout, so today I planted two "Pineapple" tomato seeds in their place.  Because I need more tomato seedlings this season...?


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