Sunday, April 21, 2013

Potting Up

I spent part of this morning planting my seedlings in larger containers.  The plant room is starting to look a little crowded.  The best sunlight falls on the cat tree, so unfortunately, Saj and Karl are going to be periodically inconvenienced over the next month and a half.

New sprouts:  One jalapeno pepper, one Casper eggplant, and one Doe Hill pepper has sprouted in the last 24 hours.  The marigolds are also coming along.  :-)

Update April 22nd  
Another Casper eggplant sprout, as well as another Doe Hill pepper and a Great White tomato.  Slowly but surely...! 

Karl came in this afternoon, took one look at the cat tree filled with pots, and before I could clear a level for him, he hopped into a seedling tray for a nap.

Update April 24th

Another cloudy day.  Saj is missing her sunbeams.


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